Ps.34:8 – Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Far too often the Bible is read and even studied for the wrong reasons. One of the common mistakes is using the Bible as a sort of “roadmap for life”. Of course we can find direction for our life in the Bible but that is not the point. The Bible is God’s word and is a revelation of God. Think of it like this, Jesus said “if you have seen Me you have seen the Father”. Jesus became a man so we can see the glory of God. Jesus is also the Word of God. When we search the scriptures we are touching God Himself. This is one of the ways we “taste and see”. We read the scripture and hear His voice. The point of reading scripture is not to find a way to live, it is to meet with the Lord. Here is Dane Ortlund describing Jonathan Edwards approach to God’s word.

“Edwards distinguishes between two different kinds of knowledge of Scripture. One “remains only in the head,” while the other “rests not entirely in the head or in the speculative ideas of things; but the heart is concerned in it.” Consequently, Edwards suggests, this latter kind of knowledge “may not only be called seeing, but feeling or tasting.” The crucial question is not whether we can explain what is in the Bible, but whether we can enjoy it. Like a chef who has mastered an elaborate recipe yet does not enjoy eating it, Christians can master what is in the Bible yet not taste the succulence of it. This is not to say we should shun knowing what is in the Bible. We must know the recipe if we are to enjoy the dish. “Such is the nature of man, that nothing can come at the heart but through the door of the understanding.” But the dish is not made to be dissected and scrutinized. It is made to be eaten. In short, God must give us eyes to see the beauty of God that is before us in Scripture.”

Touching the Bible is touching the beauty of God. In it we see His kindness, His nearness, His power, and His wisdom. Most of all we see His love for us. Reading the scripture becomes personal when the Lord actually meets us in the pages

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  1. Reading this lately has been like living on a working farm and enjoying the freshness of vine ripened produce (a lot better than the store ripened, tasteless ones that we have to endure), farm fresh eggs, some home made butter. I am starting to get exactly what you are talking about, the pure flavor and even built in sweetness as I eat the things of God. Thank you for pointing me to His garden, its awesome!

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