Jn.6:56 – He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood abides in Me, and I in him.

Feed the Multitudes really is a picture of the life and ministry of Jesus. This miracle brought the entire life of Christ on earth to a head. The majority of people who were following Christ were following because of the benefits they believed that this miracle worker could bring to this life. They wanted to make him their king, they had no idea of redemption and the real reason Jesus came. When He begin to share about eating His body and drinking His blood they wanted nothing to do with Him. They were looking for an earthly messiah, a heavenly kingdom held no interest for them. Here is how Martin Luther describes today’s verse.

“This is now a precious dwelling place and glory, that we poor sinners, through belief in Christ and through our eating, have in ourselves his power, energy, strength, righteousness and wisdom. As it is written here: “Whoever believes in me, I remain in them.” He is ours, so that sin, death, the devil and world with all its evil cannot disgrace us or cause us to give up hope or make us fools. This is a beautiful, wonderful dwelling place or tabernacle, very different from the tabernacle of Moses was, which was beautifully and magnificently adorned with beautiful carpets and decorated with golden pieces. But outwardly it was calfskin or lambskin, like the hut or tabernacle of Moses was also decorated.”

So Christ came to prepare a new place for us to dwell. He wanted to become our dwelling place Himself. The miracle of Feeding the Multitudes was a picture of the heavenly life He was calling us to. He wants us to literally live off of Him. He becomes our bread, the true bread that comes down from heaven.

Every year Victory Fellowship has a giant free food festival for our city. On the outside there are groceries, jambalaya, hot dogs, water melons, haircuts, and shoes. If that’s all you see then you haven’t seen the real FTM. FTM is an invitation to a new life, a new community. He is calling us to leave behind our former life and embrace this new life characterized by eating His flesh and drinking His blood. This is the true food, the living bread that comes down from heaven. If you eat this bread you will be completely and finally satisfied.

2 thoughts on “EAT HIS BODY – DRINK HIS BLOOD”

  1. Not cannibalism or vampires that our minds might suggest, but an Adam and Eve before the fall type of existence. Temporarily on earth, like He taught us to pray “as it is in Heaven”

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