Psa. 136:1 ¶ Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good,

for his steadfast love endures forever.

Complaining is the opposite of being thankful. Murmuring and complaining caused a whole generation of Jews to fall short of the promise and die in the wilderness. Paul said those things happened as an example to us. Getting your eyes on Jesus, looking to His word, and reflecting on all His blessings in our lives will drive ungratefulness from our hearts. There is something about giving thanks and acknowledging His goodness that puts us in touch with the Lord. Rather than ungrateful our hearts are filled with gratitude. David, of all people, knew about adversity and had learned how to navigate through the mine fields of negativity. He had worshiped in adversity for years, living in the wilderness in exile. He had found access into the Lord’s presence through thanksgiving. After all, it was David who sang, “We will enter His gates with thanksgiving, and enter His courts with praise”. Here are Spurgeon’s thoughts on today’s verse.

“The inspired writer calls us to praise Jehovah for all his goodness to us, and all the greatness of his power in blessing his chosen. We thank our parents, let us praise our heavenly Father; we are grateful to our benefactors, let us give thanks unto the Giver of all good. For he is good. Essentially he is goodness itself, practically all that he does is good, relatively he is good to his creatures. Let us thank him that we have seen, proved, and tasted that he is good. He is good beyond all others: indeed, he alone is good in the highest sense; he is the source of good, the good of all good, the sustainer of good, the perfecter of good, and the rewarder of good. For this he deserves the constant gratitude of his people. For his mercy endureth for ever. We shall have this repeated in every verse of this song, but not once too often. It is the sweetest stanza that a man can sing. What joy that there is mercy, mercy with Jehovah, enduring mercy, mercy enduring for ever. We are ever needing it, trying it, praying for it, receiving it: therefore let us for ever sing of it.”

Seeing God’s goodness is where it all really starts. Looking at your problems and disappointments can poison you. Looking at the Lord and His goodness changes everything.


  1. Giving thanks to the Lord has gone hand in hand for me with “no longer I that live, but Christ who lives in me” It’s a choice I face every morning when I wake up, and then again on multiple occasions throughout the day, my way or His way, and every correct choice seems to leave a deposit that more than sustains me and heightens my awareness of His presence with me, until the next choice comes before me, which use to be stressful, but now has become my building blocks of thankfulness.

    1. thanks to Pastor for daily blessing….. thank you Sean for practical application of what we learned (using ur own life as the example is sweet ) Un-speakable thanks to our magnificent God , Who knitted our hearts into a loving community of worship and service.

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