Rom.5:5 – Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by love? I can’t ever forget (or stop talking about) the first time for me. Those who know me know what’s coming next. I was watching the movie “JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR” back in August of 1973 when I was stopped dead by love. I had never seen Christ like this before. Somehow while watching that controversial film the Holy Spirit began to pour great big buckets of love on me. The results were dramatic. Repentance was the result and an incredible desire to read about Jesus and follow Him had captured my heart. Jonathan Edwards describes this love, check this out.

“Love is in God as light is in the sun, which does not shine by a reflected light as the moon and planets do; but by his own light, and as the fountain of light. And love flows out from him towards all the inhabitants of heaven. It flows out in the first place and infinitely towards his only begotten Son, being poured forth without measure, as to an object which is infinite, and so fully adequate to God’s love in its fountain. Infinite love is infinitely exercised towards him. The fountain does not only send forth large streams towards this object as it does to every other, but the very fountain itself wholly and altogether goes out towards him…..The infinite essential love of God is, as it were, an infinite and eternal mutual holy energy between the Father and the Son, a pure, holy act whereby the Deity becomes nothing but an infinite and unchangeable act of love, which proceed from both the Father and the Son.”

I guess in retrospect I got caught up in God’s love storm that night. The Father’s infinite love for His Son, Jesus, fell on me. How is that possible? I believed in His sacrificial death that night, I saw His death as His supreme act of love toward me. As a result, my sins were forgiven and I was clothed with His righteousness. In other words all the Father could see when He looked at me was His Son Jesus. So I got love smacked by the Father’s infinite love for His Son. The most amazing thing, that was forty six years ago this month and I am still smitten.

5 Replies to “LOVE SMACKED”

  1. This says it all , “So I got love smacked by the Father’s infinite love for His Son.“ now that is a smack the whole needs!

  2. Still smitten ( nothing still about it !! It was the most violent moment of my existence)
    If creation ,stars,mountains and creatures, everything, bows in worship…. so will I

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