Mk.1:41-44 – Jesus reached out and touched the skin of the leper and told him, “Of course I want you to be healed—so now, be cleansed!” Instantly his leprous sores completely disappeared and his skin became smooth! Jesus sent him away with a very stern warning, saying, “Don’t say anything to anyone about what just happened, but go find a priest and show him that you’ve been healed. Then bring the offering that Moses commanded for your cleansing as a living testimony to everyone.”

I love the healing miracles of Jesus. He was always stirred, or moved with compassion, when He saw people suffering with disease. Leprosy was one of the miracles we see quite often in the ministry of Jesus. Lepers were similar to prisoners. Their disease had placed them in isolation from their family, friends, and society in general. They were suffering with the stigma of disfigurement, the physical pain and suffering, and the separation from living any kind of a normal life. Leprosy made life miserable. Jesus touched this leper and His healing love cleansed this man of his disease. “Go show yourself to the priest”. This was quite significant, here is a description of the significance of going to the priest from Mary Healy.

“Jesus instructed the healed man to keep quiet about his healing, to show himself to a priest, and to offer the sacrifice prescribed in the law of Moses for the cleansing of skin disease. The prescribed rite was to take two birds, one to be sacrificed and the other, dipped in the blood of the first, to fly away free (Lev 14:3-7). If the man obeyed these instructions, before his eyes was a vivid symbolic image of what Jesus had just done for him. Once is sacrificed; another is set free. Although he could not have understood it then, this man has been set free from leprosy at the cost of Christ’s own blood, soon to be shed on the cross.”

This is a great picture of the ministry of Jesus. I was the spiritual leper disfigured and isolated until I was touched by Jesus. He took my sickness and I was set free. All of Jesus’s healing miracles pointed to the cross. Like Isaiah said, “Yet he was the one who carried our sicknesses

and endured the torment of our sufferings”. So now we have become that free bird. Once we were bound by our leprosy of sin, now we can fly away.

3 Replies to “FREE BIRD”

  1. Amazing, never heard of Mary Healy, and probably would have never understood the detailed meaning behind the prescribed sacrifice in the law of Moses concerning the cleansing of skin disease. To me that is something worth knowing. It kind of makes me cringe, however, at the amount of reading I’ve done on things that add no value to my life, but that is a changing, better late than never!

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