Ps.34:12-14 – Do you want to live a long, good life,

enjoying the beauty that fills each day?

Then never speak a lie or allow wicked words

to come from your mouth.

Keep turning your back on every sin,

and make “peace” your life motto.

Practice being at peace with everyone.

Shalom is an important word in the Hebrew language. It can be used as a greeting and contains a proclamation of blessing over the recipient. The KM Dictionary describes shalom like this – “peace, safety, prosperity, well-being; intactness, wholeness; peace can have a focus of security, safety which can bring feelings of satisfaction, well-being, and contentment. → completeness; health; peace; prosperity; safety; well-being”. That is a mouthful. This verse gives us a glimpse into the life that we enjoy as this shalom. It says to turn your back on sin and speak peace not cursing on everyone. This would even include your enemies. I am convinced there is a life of wholeness available to us as we focus on the beauty of God and walk in peace with those in our lives. Here are comments from the notes in the Passion Bible.

“Twice the Hebrew uses the word shalom (in this verse). This word means much more than peace. It means wholeness, wellness, well-being, safe, happy, friendly, favor, completeness, to make peace, peace offering, secure, to prosper, to be victorious, to be content, tranquil, quiet, and restful….The noun shalom is derived from the verbal root shalam, which means “to restore,” in the sense of replacing or providing what is needed in order to make someone or something whole and complete. So shalom is used to describe those of us who have been provided all that is needed to be whole and complete and break off all authority that would attempt to bind us to chaos.”

Obviously there is strife in the world. We are confronted and even surrounded by it every day. This passage teaches us how to live above the chaos. Jesus said it like this, “you are in the world but not of the world”. He also said, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world”. So how can I walk in peace amidst all the strife all around me? Actually I can’t, but Christ in me can. I yield to Him, He lives His life in me, I get the SHALOM!!!

2 Replies to “LIVING IN SHALOM”

  1. Perhaps this word should make a resurgence in our greetings to others. Its a one word prayer, blessing, greeting and is associated with those who call themselves God’s people.

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