Ps119:68 – Everything you do is beautiful, flowing from your goodness;

teach me the power of your wonderful words!

This verse is obviously written by someone who has tasted the goodness of the Lord for themselves. As this verse indicates, God’s goodness is more than what He does. The things He does flows out of who He is. The very essence of His being is good. As a result, everything act and word that flows out from Him is characterized by His goodness. The first glimpse of God that we have is His creative acts in the book of Genesis. After each part of creation was completed the scripture declares that God saw it and it was good. His work of redemption declares His goodness, His incarnation as the man Jesus of Nazareth displays His goodness. The healing ministry and teaching of Jesus portrayed His goodness and His work of redemption is an overwhelming masterpiece of art putting His goodness on display for all eternity. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes this verse.

“God is essential goodness in himself, and in every attribute of his nature he is good in the fullest sense of the term; indeed, he has a monopoly of goodness, for there is none good but one, that is God. His acts are according to his nature: from a pure source flow pure streams. God is not latent and ill active goodness; he displays himself by his doings, he is actively beneficent, he does good. How much good he does no tongue can tell! How good he is no heart can conceive! It is well to worship the Lord as the poet here does by describing him…..We believe in his goodness, and so honour him by our faith; we admire that goodness, and so glorify him by our love; we declare that goodness, and so magnify him by our testimony.”

It is the very goodness of the Lord that attracts us to Him. I remember all of my preconceived ideas about the Lord before my conversion. I felt like I was never going to be a good enough person to be a Christian, my life was too ensnared by my sinful pleasures. It was a taste of His goodness that won me over. I saw His acceptance and love of me in my sinful condition. His goodness drew me in but didn’t leave me the way I was. As I got closer it was the same goodness that won me that began to change me. It was the goodness and kindness of the Lord that led me to repentance.


  1. this silly world has turned OMG into slang …..But .O My God is the awe and wonder expression of the holy encounter of the Jesus kind. What is left but to fall down and worship the essence of Goodness !
    Thank you Pastor Frank

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