Lk.18:7 – Don’t you know that God, the true judge, will grant justice to all of his chosen ones who cry out to him night and day? He will pour out his Spirit upon them. He will not delay to answer you and give you what you ask fo.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER STOP PRAYING. There is something about persistence in prayer that guarantees an answer. Every time I hear about persistent prayer I think about Augustine’s mom and her incessant prayers for her son. She harassed the the Lord with prayer and tormented her pastor to also pray for her rebellious son Augustine. Her pastor gave her the famous reply, “It is impossible for the son of your tears to be lost”. There is power in persistent prayer, that is the message of the story Jesus told. If the widow came to the judge again and again she finally got her request. How much more will our Father in heaven respond to our prayers. Here is a quote from John Piper on the prayers of Augustine’s mom.

“So it would prove to be with her son. She “shed more tears [over] my spiritual death,” Augustine said, “than other mothers shed for the bodily death of a son.” When her son was a Manichaean heretic, Monica sought help from an old bishop. His counsel was not what she wanted to hear: He too had been a Manichee once, but had seen his folly. “Leave him alone,” he said. “Just pray to God for him. From his own reading he will discover his mistakes and the depth of his profanity. . . . Leave me and go in peace. It cannot be that the son of these tears should be lost.”

I love that, it is impossible for someone to be lost who has the persistent prayer inspired by the Holy Spirit continually going up before the Lord. The prayers of that mom were answered, Augustine became a historic church leader effecting people’s lives for centuries. The power of prayer is unlimited.

Prayer is all about the heart. It begins with a heart that’s is passionately calling out for the Lord. It changes over to love prayers of intercession, longing to see God’s kingdom come on this earth. So let’s learn the lesson from Augustine’s mom, pray persistent prayers with compassion for lost souls in your world. It is impossible for the sons and daughters of your tears to not come in.


  1. Thank you for that encouraging word. I must admit sometimes I feel distraught when it comes to my children. But I do know God is the Faithful One and He alone in His time will see it done.

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