Micah 2:13 – The breaker goes up before them; They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it. So their king goes on before them, and the LORD at their head.

Peter probably said it best, “You preach freedom but you yourselves are slaves of your own corruption”. Slavery starts on the inside of us, not on the outside. This is one of the great ironies that surround us every day, humans want to break rules so that they can be free from the man or the system or the church. They indulge in promiscuity or drunkenness and proclaim that they are free all the while encumbering themselves in the mire of sin and suffering the consequences of bad decisions. Jesus is the Breaker who breaks this horrible pattern of destruction that humans tend to embrace. How does He do it? First, He opens our eyes to the foolishness of sin. Secondly, He draws us to Himself. It is in the presence of the Breaker that this horrible bondage is finally broken. He leads us out of bondage and into the joy of being sons and daughters of God. Here is how Maclaren describes it.

“Men and women! Some of you are the slaves of your own lusts. Some of you are the slaves of the world’s maxims. Some of you are held in bondage by some habit that you abominate, but cannot get away from. Here is freedom for you. The dark walls of the prison are round us all. ‘The Scripture hath shut up all in sin, that He might have mercy upon all.’ Blessed be His name! As the angel came to the sleeping Apostle, and to his light touch the iron gates swung obedient on their hinges, and Roman soldiers who ought to have watched their prey were lulled to sleep, and fetters that held the limbs dropped as if melted; so, silently, in His meek and merciful strength, the Christ comes to us all, and the iron gate which leadeth out into freedom opens of its own accord at His touch, and the fetters fall from our limbs, and we go forth free men. ‘The Breaker is gone up before us.”

Sin is not only controlling, it is also blinding. It the miracle of new birth that gives us sight, sight to see Christ as He is and to see the ugliness of sin. It is this miracle of sight that enables us to follow the Breaker and break out of our destructive patterns in life.

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