Phil.4:19 – And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I had to relearn lots of things when I first began to pastor this church. I had spent four years in a Jesus Community working for various businesses run by the ministry. I had learned a hard work ethic and the importance of discipline but I had not learned to look to God as my source. In the community the bills were paid and food was supplied. All we had to do was study and put in a hard days work. That was all about to change when Parris and I came to New Orleans. Now we had to look to God ourselves, no one was providing for us. At least no one but God. Here is how Oral Roberts describes this phenomenon of looking to the Lord as your source of total supply.

“Turn your life over to God and start looking directly and personally to Him as THE Source of your supply. Although there are scores of scriptures from Genesis to Revelation concerning God as your Source, the key scripture is Philippians 4:19: “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Living in a man-run society and business community, it is easy to get the idea that man is your source of supply. This is where you miss the truth of God’s Holy Word. God often uses man as the means, but God Himself is the Source. All other sources are instruments only. Remember, in looking for your needs to be met, it’s not what is your source, but Who is your source. You may think it’s man you are dealing with, but he is only an instrument. You are dealing directly with God as the loving Being who is the Source of your supply. By looking to Him, you are confident, you are positive, and you are expectant that He will provide.”

It is important to look beyond parents, employers, or government programs for your provision. The Lord uses those things for temporary provision. After all He is the God of ravens and widows.

The second truth that came to us was just as important. Sow a seed in the work of God. God is the source of the harvest, He always uses seed as the tool to initiate the harvest. “Give and it shall be given to you, good measure, shaken together, and running over.” – Lk.6:38

3 thoughts on “SEED FAITH LIVING”

  1. ?, how weak our flesh can be sometimes!! His Perfect Love casts out fear, but in my weakness I still doubt that He will come though for me. He has NEVER failed me, so I call the Faith of Jesus to rise up!!! Thank You for Your Love ABBA, that never lets us go!! May I never forget again that Your Power is made PERFECT in my weakness, and to see it as an opportunity for you to show yourself strong in me!!! Help me trust you completely!

  2. With limited intelligence, zero planning, and no working direction, our God took a young man who by the age of 23 had three small children and a wife, and had been a new Christian a year and a half. Put this “seed faith living” truth as His way to move forward and grow, was given some starting responsibilities to be faithful with, and things grew from there. God is no respecter of persons (everyone is given the same opportunity to succeed) and God is above all circumstances, nothing is impossible with God. It does take our action and work, but the results are nothing less than miraculous.

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