2 Cor.9:10 – This generous God who supplies abundant seed for the farmer, which becomes bread for our meals, is even more extravagant toward you. First he supplies every need, plus more. Then he multiplies the seed as you sow it, so that the harvest of your generosity will grow.

Seed Faith Living can change every part of your life. Many Christians categorize their lives to the point that they never seem to allow the Lord to become involved in much of their life. If we saw Him as He really is that would be unthinkable. Everything the Lord comes in contact with becomes blessed. Whether it is a fishing trip, a business venture, or a ministry. It really makes no difference. Everything He touches literally explodes with life.

Our tithes and offerings are only a part of this but they are clearly an indication of what is going on in the rest of our lives. Giving your tithe as a seed rather than a debt will change everything. Planting your financial gifts as seeds rather than obligations will bring great blessing on your finances. Here is how Oral Roberts describes this truth.

“What you give is the seed you plant. And like attracts like. You plant wheat, and you will get wheat. Plant peaches and you will get peaches. God says, “Each after its kind.” If you want God to supply your financial needs, then give seed-money for Him to reproduce and multiply. If your need is not money but something else, let the seed you give represent it. Use it as your point of contact to release your faith for God to meet this need. For example, if you need companionship, find a lonely person (you won’t have to look far) and share seed-friendship. The Bible says, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly” (Proverbs 18:24). Or give a seed-smile or seed-love or seed-compassion. Just as you breathe out in order to breathe in, you will see these as seed-giving multiplied back in the form of your need.”

This is the way the Lord has ordered His creation. Everything reproduces after its kind. Our actions, prayers, and our giving are all connected to the blessing of God in our lives. Walk in love and love comes back to you, bless the hurting and the poor and you lend to the Lord. Pray for the sick and healing will come back to you. Take on this new way of living, the way of love. Oral Roberts called it seed faith living. This is the way of unthinkable blessing in your life.

5 thoughts on “SEED FAITH LIFE”

  1. Isn’t this foolishness without faith, or even more ridiculous to think, your buying influence or position among a group? Those things are man centered and are in fact worthless in God’s kingdom. When the Holy Spirit shows you God’s truth in this, we respond with a yes or no answer. Think about the farm whose farmer decides, this week I’m a farmer, next week depending on …..

  2. Amen! …for Your honor and fame fall again in this place, fill us up as we overflow with Grace!!!… Use us for Your Glory Lord!!! We love you!

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