1 Cor.14:39,40 – So, beloved friends, with all this in mind, be passionate to prophesy and don’t forbid anyone from speaking in tongues, doing all things in a beautiful and orderly way.

I love church gatherings. I love the large corporate meetings with amazing worship, the Lord’s incredible presence, and the powerful preaching of the Word of God; I especially love the altar calls. I also love the small gatherings where we see the community of Jesus in action. Paul said that we can have the moving of the Spirit in these meeting in what he called an orderly way. Here are some notes from the Passion Bible that describe these beautiful gatherings.

“This is the Greek word taxis (ORDERLY WAY), which can also mean “in battle array.” Here are some summary observations concerning believers’ gatherings: (1) When the believers gathered, they ate together and frequently observed the Lord’s Table. (2) Men and women participated together and used their spiritual gifts. (3) The main purpose of gathering together was the mutual building up and encouragement of one another. (4) Several people would speak in the meetings, and the leaders would discern and direct. (5) Expressing love was more important than gifts, teachings, or prophecies. (6) Everything was to be done in a beautiful way and in order.”

I can remember the first time the Lord used me with a word of prophesy in a small church gathering. I was only a few months old in the Lord but I felt His anointing come upon me in a special and unusual way. I instantly recognized what it was and waited for the appropriate time in the meeting to share the word from the Lord. What an amazing blessing the gift of prophesy is. I was blessed by His special presence on me and especially blessed to be used by the Lord.

I think today there has been a major restriction put on the gifts of the Spirit in many churches. I have found that the small group gatherings are the perfect place for these gifts to operate. As Paul said, 1 Cor.14:26 – “Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification”. This, to me, describes the beautiful order of the Spirit. He conducts the meeting and everyone present is majorly blessed.


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