2 Cor.2:14,15 – God always makes his grace visible in Christ, who includes us as partners of his endless triumph. Through our yielded lives he spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere we go. We have become the unmistakable aroma of the victory of the Anointed One to God —a perfume of life to those being saved and the odor of death to those who are perishing.

Col.2:15 – Then Jesus made a public spectacle of all the powers and principalities of darkness, stripping away from them every weapon and all their spiritual authority and power to accuse us. And by the power of the cross, Jesus led them around as prisoners in a procession of triumph. He was not their prisoner; they were his!

This passage has the smell of a parade or a victorious celebration, about it. These two passages draw the connection between a conquering Roman army parading its captives through a conquered city and Christ’s victorious parade at His return. In Christ’s parade we are His victorious trophies that He celebrates. The prisoners are His vanquished demonic foes. When I think of Christ’s coming triumphal return my mind instantly turns to Palm Sunday. When Christ lead His victorious procession into Jerusalem just days before His crucifixion His actions were prophetic. He was imaging His soon approaching victorious parade. I like to imagine what that day may have been like and who were those following as close as they could to the Lord.

Of course, Blind Bartimaeus was right in the middle of this. He had been healed just days before in Jericho and followed Jesus into Jerusalem. The sights that day had to be quite over whelming for a blind man. There was dancing and singing and crowds as far as the eye could see. Those things didn’t hold Bartimaeus’ new found sight very long, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Jesus. Then there was Jesus’ friend Lazarus. He had to accompany Jesus to His death, after all Jesus had just delivered him from his. If anyone had an expectancy for what next Sunday would hold it had to be Lazarus. Lazarus’ sister Mary wasn’t far away. She was still caught up in the events from the night before. Mary had poured out her most precious possession, a pound of very costly oil, spikenard, on Jesus the night before. That fragrance was still on her and also on her Lord. All she could do is worship Him, she alone had anointed her King for His burial. If you look closely, other faces were clearly seen. Of course there was Mary Magdalene who would be the first witness of His resurrection. All she could think of was she had been dead and now she was alive. Another unlikely face from Jericho was also in the crowd. The hated Zachaeus, chief tax collector. Why was he there? He had found the pearl of great price and was walking away from everything else. Zachaeus had discovered there really wasn’t anything else. Leading the whole parade were the children dancing and singing. Just days before Jesus had laid His hands on some of them. If I know Jesus, these children would be leading His victory parade for years to come.

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  1. We are so accustomed to parades and festivals in this part of the world, especially “second lines”! It makes it easy to catch a glimpse of the Palm Sunday parade! Jesus brings us all together….can’t wait for the next big party, the marriage supper of the Lamb! Until than, we have a lot of work to do!

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