Heb. 10:36-38 – You need the strength of endurance to reveal the poetry of God’s will and then you receive the promise in full. For soon and very soon, “The One who is appearing will come without delay!” And he also says, “My righteous ones will live from my faith.

What an interesting phrase in verse 36 brought out in the Passion Translation. Here is how the Passion Notes describe the phrase “to do God’s will”.

“to do God’s will. The Greek word for “do” is taken from the Greek word poeima (poem or poetry).”

Look at what Paul is actually saying, perseverance reveals the poetry of God’s will. It starts with perseverance, God living victoriously in us in adverse circumstances. As we push through the trials in our path God’s plan is clearly seen. This plan of God is unveiled before us step by step clearly displaying our lives as a poetic masterpiece of the Lord.

Next, take a look at vs. 38, “My righteous ones will live from my faith”.

Wow!!! He calls us His righteous ones. He calls us righteous when we believe in Him. That ability to believe in Him is the effect of grace on our hearts. He calls us by His grace, by grace through faith we are saved. As a result, He sees us as His righteous ones. That’s when it really gets good. Now that we are His righteous ones we begin to live. But this is the kicker, we live from His faith. That’s the missing link in most of our lives. We try desperately to believe Him and fall so miserably short. It is when we are captured by faith, His faith, that we begin to walk with Him.

Now let’s put these two verses together starting with vs.38. We begin to live our lives by faith, His faith. His mighty faith in us perseveres through all life’s drama. As we persevere and walk in supernatural endurance, the poetry of God’s will is revealed. Instead of seeing all our troubles as mess ups or faulting others for our problems, Christ perseveres through us revealing His beautiful plan.

So maybe, just maybe this quarantine is a God season. Maybe He is unveiling His masterpiece called your life by living in and through you as you yield to Him in these unpleasant circumstances. The end result is always the same, God is glorified and you are more than satisfied.

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