Jn. 19:34 – But one of the soldiers took a spear and pierced Jesus’ side, and blood and water gushed out.

John was an eyewitness of this event, blood and water flowing out of the side of Jesus. This is a picture of the River of life that flows out from Christ on the throne of God today. There is a crucified, glorified man on the throne of God at this very moment. I often think about seeing Him one day for myself. Inevitably I think about the wounds in His body. How do I know they are still there? He told Thomas to put his finger in the nail-prints in His hand and to thrust his hand into the hole in His side. That event was after the resurrection. The marks of redemption are still in His body. Could the River be flowing from the hole in His side? Here are some thoughts from the Moravian leader Count Zinzendorf.

“God sweated in agony in Gethsemane.  God died on the cross.The story of the salvation is that God took on human form and willingly suffering for the sake of his creation. Humans were enslaved to sin, death, and the devil, but Christ redeemed them from their misery. Christ came to reconcile the world to God, and the crucifixion stands as the assurance of forgiveness and makes it possible for the creature to become the bride of the creator. The blood streaming from the cross impresses the believer with the reality of his or her ransom from sin. We are purchased from wrath, from judgment, from the curse, from the Fall and all ruin, from sin, death, the devil and hell through a true, legal and complete payment, namely, through the blood of the one who tasted death for us all through the grace of God. This is what John meant when he said that Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

Think about the wounds of Jesus. The thorns pierced His brow. The life of God flows from His brow declaring the curse of poverty is broken. After all, the thorns that pierced Him were a mark of the curse. The holes in His hand guarantee His help. I am in His hand and nothing can separate me from His love. His back carries the wounds of the whip, by His stripes I am healed. His feet are marked by the nails. He carries and protects all of those who are the blessed feet that carry His gospel. From His wounded side flows the River. This is the River of God’s love for the world. There is a River, this mighty river is flowing out to you and to me today, this River will never run dry.

2 thoughts on “BLOOD OF THE CROSS”

  1. Amazing word portrait of the completeness of our Savior’s redemption for us! It brings a new awareness to me of the totality of the passion and cross!
    Yes, Lord, thank you!

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