2 Cor.4:17 – For our momentary, light distress [this passing trouble] is producing for us an eternal weight of glory [a fullness] beyond all measure [surpassing all comparisons, a transcendent splendor and an endless blessedness]!

When I read this passage I think of the C.S. Lewis book entitled The Great Divorce. In it Lewis describes heaven as a place of great weightiness. He spoke about being exhausted by the effort in lifting one leaf because of the weight of the leaf. The point was that the things of this world seem light and insignificant in comparison to the things on the other side. Paul describes this heaviness in his phrase “an eternal weight of glory”. Paul was living in an awareness of the weightiness of the glory of God that was resting upon Him. He said it was the significance of this glory that satisfied, sustained, and empowered him in this life. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this passage.

“There is not to be found anywhere a more energetic expression than this. The Greek word used here means, properly, a throwing, casting, or throwing beyond. In the New Testament it means excess, excellence, eminence. The phrase means exceedingly, super-eminently. This expression would have been by itself intensive in a high degree. But this was not sufficient to express Paul’s sense of the glory which was laid up for Christians. It was not enough for him to use the ordinary highest expression for the superlative to denote the value of the object in his eye. He therefore coins an expression…. It is not merely eminent, but it is eminent unto eminence; excess unto excess; a hyperbole unto hyperbole—one hyperbole heaped on another; and the expression means that it is “exceeding exceedingly” glorious; glorious in the highest possible, “infinitely exceeding.” You may pass from one degree to another; from one sublime height to another; but still an infinity remains beyond.”

This Sunday we will be celebrating Pentecost Sunday. This is a celebration. Remembering when this eternal weight of glory began to come upon all people everywhere. Our world stands in desperate need of this kind of divine intervention today. All of our minds have been clouded with the array of voices trying to bring direction. It reminds me of something Jesus said, “What happens when a blind man pretends to guide another blind man? They both stumble into a ditch!” I think all of us have become far to familiar with those blind man ditches. We need an outpouring, a greater outpouring of this eternal weight of glory. Lord come and visit our world once again!!!


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