Ps.42:7,8 – Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls; all Your waves and billows have gone over me. The LORD will command His lovingkindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me— A prayer to the God of my life.

Lovingkindness is the only way out when the sorrows of life are overwhelming us. It seems that we are living in a critical time and many of the Lord’s sons and daughters are being beaten down and overcome by the relentless attacks that we are all experiencing. This beautiful Psalm touches on David’s secret to surviving and coming out victorious when the waves of darkness are pounding on our souls. Look carefully at David’s words, “His song shall be with me”. First he calls it “His song”. The Lord is singing over us and when we catch it, it becomes our song. Next David says, “His song shall be with me”. The song is always there, we tend to hear it clearer when the waves are crashing on our heads. Here is how Spurgeon describes this verse.

“Our God is God of the nights as well as the days; none shall find his Israel unprotected, be the hour what it may. His song shall be with me. Songs of praise for blessings received shall cheer the gloom of night. No music sweeter than this. The belief that we shall yet glorify the Lord for mercy given in extremity is a delightful stay to the soul. Affliction may put out our candle, but if it cannot silence our song we will soon light the candle again. And my prayer unto the God of my life. Prayer is yoked with praise. He who is the living God, is the God of our life, from him we derive it, with him in prayer and praise we spend it, to him we devote it, in him we shall prefect it. To be assured that our sighs and songs shall both have free access to our glorious Lord is to have reason for hope in the most deplorable condition.”

I love that little phrase Spurgeon used, “Prayer is yoked with praise”. The song of the Lord is supernatural. It is the very breathings of the Holy Spirit in prayer. Sing in the Spirit and sing in your natural tongue. The song of the Lord is with you and His prayers are yoked with your worship.


  1. This speaks to me of myself who’s candle had been left unattended for far longer than I care to examine, however it is again lit and I’m feeling the sorrows of my prodigal brethren being tossed around. People who a friend told me of a word Jesus spoke to his heart at the beginning of this year, that Jesus was going to use these prodigals again as workers in the great harvest, and I say yes and amen.

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