Jn.5:8 – Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.”

Only Jesus tells us to do things that we could never possibly do. This reminds me of the famous words of Augustine, “Lord, command what you will but give what you command”. This man could not possibly walk but he was commanded to try. This speaks volumes to us. How many lame and paralyzed among us lay dormant in our condition? Excuses keep us bound. Jesus speaks to all of us to do what we could never do. The truth is He meets us when we step out in faith. What is He saying to you? He may be calling you to preach His word, you have to take the first step. He may be asking you to pray for the sick, again we step out and He does the healing. He may be asking for you to begin to step out in faith in your giving. You sew the seed, He brings the increase. Here is how Matthew Henry describes it.

“He is bidden to rise and walk; a strange command to be given to an impotent man, that had been long disabled; but this divine word was to be the vehicle of a divine power; it was a command to the disease to be gone, to nature to be strong, but it is expressed as a command to him to bestir himself. He must rise and walk, that is, attempt to do it, and in the essay he should receive strength to do it. The conversion of a sinner is the cure of a chronic disease; this is ordinarily done by the word, a word of command: Arise, and walk; turn, and live; make ye a new heart; which no more supposes a power in us to do it, without the grace of God, distinguishing grace, than this supposed such a power in the impotent man. But, if he had not attempted to help himself, he had not been cured, and he must have borne the blame; yet it does not therefore follow that, when he did rise and walk, it was by his own strength; no, it was by the power of Christ, and he must have all the glory.”

So don’t just lay there making excuses like this paralyzed man did, “No one will help me get in the water and someone else always gets in first”. Just pick up your pallet and begin to act on God’s word.

2 thoughts on “RISE UP AND WALK”

  1. Amen!! Jesus always gives us what we need…when He knows we’re ready for it!! We can ‘try’ on our own, only to end failing. But when Jesus walks up to us and says, “Get up! I Am the Way..WALK in Me” and we try one more time…at His Word.. we know there’s no going back! We have been set FREE! He won’t let us give up!! His Love is greater than our excuses, no matter how painful some are! Hallelujah!! Thank You Jesus!!!

  2. The excuses are as we say “lame”, Lord help us to be like jumper cables to those broken down in the roadway.

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