Jn.9:6,7 – Then Jesus spat on the ground and made some clay with his saliva. Then he anointed the blind man’s eyes with the clay. And he said to the blind man, “Now go and wash the clay from your eyes in the ritual pool of Siloam.” So he went and washed his face and as he came back, he could see for the first time in his life!

This poor blind man never had a life, he never even had a chance. He had been blind from the day he was born. All he knew was darkness and the feelings of rejection from the world around him. Blindness, especially born this way, carried a stigma for this society. He was considered cursed; curses and whisperings is all this blind man had ever known. That all changed the day Jesus stepped into his world. He heard Jesus spit and the he heard the strange command, “Go wash in the Pool of Siloam”. The Passion Notes give us a sense of what this blind man was feeling.

“John has left us a book of pictures. The picture here is the mingling of spit and clay, a picture of the Christ who is God and man. The saliva comes from the mouth, the spoken Word, God incarnate. The clay is always a picture of man, for our human vessel is a jar of clay. No doubt, the blind man had heard people spit as they walked by him, as a sign of disgust, for in that day they believed blindness was caused by a curse. But this day, as he heard Jesus spit on the ground, it was for his healing.”

What a strange way to heal the sick. Jesus spit on the ground and made mud (how much spit are we talking about?). Then he sends the blind man on a journey through the streets of the city to the Pool of Siloam which was thought to be a distance away. What a scene, a blind man groping his way down the street with spit and clay dripping from his eyes. What happened next changed everything. He came back seeing for the first time in his life. His parents were shocked, the Pharisees were angered, the disciples were taught, and the Lord was glorified. And oh I almost forgot. Siloam means sent, this blind man became one of God’s sent ones showing the glory of God through his brand new life.

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  1. Funny, some people “Pharisee types” look at this blind man and label him cursed, then once he is free from that, they are angered. I wouldn’t doubt they made fun of Jesus spit and clay method, can’t you just hear their comments? What an eye opening experience!

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