1 Cor.2:14 – Someone living on an entirely human level rejects the revelations of God’s Spirit, for they make no sense to him. He can’t understand the revelations of the Spirit because they are only discovered by the illumination of the Spirit.

The things of the Spirit are obviously foolishness to the lost or perishing of this world. Things like redemption, tithing, the church, and worship have little use to those who do not know the Lord. The strange thing about this phenomenon is that the people of the world have no clue about their ignorance to the things of the Spirit. The Bible seems like either a bunch of hard to believe irrelevant stories or rules and regulations that that are also irrelevant and impossible to obey. All of that changes abruptly when you are born again. Suddenly spiritual things carry an amazing attraction. The church is beautiful, His word is precious, and redemption become the message of our lives. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this phenomenon.

“It is only the Spirit of God which can reveal the counsels of God: these are the purposes which have existed in His infinite wisdom and goodness from eternity; and particularly what refers to creation, providence, redemption, and eternal glory, as far as men and angels are concerned in these purposes. The apostles were so fully convinced that the scheme of redemption proclaimed by the Gospel was Divine, that they boldly asserted that these things infinitely surpassed the wisdom and comprehension of man. God was now in a certain way become manifest; many attributes of his, which to the heathen world would have for ever lain in obscurity, were now not only brought to light as existing in him, but illustrated by the gracious displays which He had made of himself. It was the Spirit of God alone that could reveal these things; and it was the energy of that Spirit alone that could bring them all into effect-stamp and seal them as attributes and works of God for ever.”

The message of redemption is the only message that can change our world. Redemption is more powerful than substance abuse, immoral behavior, and racism. The cry for social justice is out of reach until redemption comes on the scene. The power of the gospel is the solution to the deep darkness that is strangling our world today.

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