Jn.1:32 – Then, as John baptized Jesus he spoke these words: “I see the Spirit of God appear like a dove descending from the heavenly realm and landing upon him—and it rested upon him from that moment forward!

What a beautiful picture is painted by John in this passage. Jesus had gone into the Jordan River to be baptized by the prophet John the Baptist. John was reluctant, Jesus was insistent. Jesus was honoring and submitting to the authority the Father had placed upon John. When John immersed Jesus into the waters, the heavens were opened, the Father spoke, and the Holy Spirit was poured out. The Father said “this is my beloved Son in whom I delight”. John said the Spirit came and remained upon Jesus in bodily form, the form of a dove.

I want to talk about this dove today, this carries a powerful message to all of us. It reminds us of the very first verses of the Bible where the Spirit was brooding or moving upon creation. This moving is like a dove fluttering over her chicks, brooding over creation. Here this dove is moving upon Christ.

Next the Hebrew word for dove has a message for us. It is the word yownah and is related to yayin, the Hebrew word for wine. This is very interesting for two reasons. First, Jesus Himself referred to the Holy Spirit as new wine. He was describing the joyful and intoxicating effect it has on us. Next, the dove was called yownah for a reason. Theses doves were considered to be lovers, they would actually become love sick and intoxicated in their love for one another. This is a great description of the Holy Spirit’s effect on all of us.

The dove was also a key part of the story of Noah. In Noah’s world the dove was a beautiful picture of this brand new creation. The old world was finished and a brand new world was beginning. This is exactly the message of the dove when it came upon Jesus. The old world of man and his alienation from the Lord was coming to an end. Christ was introducing us to a brand new world of the Spirit.

Today, draw near to the Lord. Allow Him to brood over you with His Spirit. He will immerse you in His intoxicating love and take you into His brand new creation of the Holy Spirit.

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