Acts 2:33 – Therefore being exalted to the right hand of God, and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He poured out this which you now see and hear.

The Holy Spirit confirms the authenticity of our Christian faith. For many people Sunday morning church attendance is a dreaded thing. Even the short, less than an hour services seem, to drone on for eternity. Talking about something that happened long ago seems to have no relevance in our lives today. Only when the Holy Spirit is welcomed can church worship actually become enjoyable. Turn your eyes upon the Man seated at the right hand of God and the Holy Spirit will come. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are inseparable, they always work in tandem. Here is a quote on this truth from F. F. Marsh.

“When the Emperor of Germany wants to study a new subject, instead of going to the best book upon it, he sends for the best man. For instance, when he heard of the wonderful discovery made by Professor Rontgen, he wired for him to come to Berlin at once, and, after a interview which extended over several hours, the Emperor had so examined and cross-examined the great physiologist that at the end of the time he know almost as much about the X-Rays as the inventor himself. Similarly, whenever the Emperor comes to England he gets in touch with Experts – especially military and naval experts- and in a short time he astounds even the quickest of them by the rapidity with which he has caught up their ideas, and the tenacity with which his memory holds to the smallest details. In other words, the Emperor seeks his information from the living men and not in dead print. Well for us if we seek our blessing in the Living Man at God’s right hand, then we shall know the Spirit’s personality, power, and presence, to our advancement in the Divine life, and to the effectiveness of spiritual service.”

I remember being miserable as a child in church. The words of the Bible are meaningless to us until the Holy Spirit quickens them to our hearts. When that happens our hearts will be burning on the inside of us. The Spirit awakens a love for God that is beyond anything we have ever known. You may end up being different from the people you used to associate with. With Christ in your life you begin to seek after the blessing of the Lord. You will find that blessing as soon as you turn your eyes upon Jesus.


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