1 Tim.3:16 – For the mystery of righteousness is truly amazing! He was revealed as a human being, and as our great High Priest in the Spirit! Angels gazed upon him as a man and the glorious message of his kingly rulership is being preached to the nations! Many have believed in him and he has been taken back to heaven, and has ascended into the place of exalted glory in the heavenly realm. Yes, great is this mystery of righteousness!

I love this passage of scripture, it bursts with excitement as Paul proclaims the greatest of all mysteries, the goodness and righteousness of God revealed in a man! It is hard for us to grasp the powerful implications of the Creator becoming part of His creation. C.S. Lewis often compared this with an author entering his play as one of the actors. The angels were in the greatest place as one of God’s creatures to observe this mystery. When they saw the Lord in His humanity all of heaven burst into celebration and worship; “the mystery of righteousness is truly amazing.

It was for righteousness that Christ became a man. No unrighteous being could approach the Lord; all of mankind was imprisoned by unrighteousness. We were born in our sin and sin is what we do. Christ became the first sinless man and became a sin offering for the rest of humanity. Righteousness was imparted to us as a gift through our faith in His sacrificial death. Here is a quote from the Passion Notes on this verse.

“There is deep and beautiful poetic artistry here in this passage. The word order of the Aramaic lines is convincing that glorious and hidden truths are tucked into these verses; they are full of Jewish word plays and symbolism, and read like a poem. Many have concluded that this passage was an ancient hymn sung by the early church….An Aramaic or Hebrew reader would clearly connect this “righteousness” to the priestly ministry. In poetic and perhaps subtle linguistic form, this points us to the High Priest of our faith….”

No wonder this was a song sung by the early church. Christ had walked among them as a man. He died for them, rose from the dead for them, and became their heavenly High Priest. Once we glimpse the mystery declared in this one verse and we will be singing too!!!

2 Replies to “MYSTERY OF GOD”

  1. There is a song by Chris McClarney, “Immortal, Invisible” that is about these 2 verses… it’s awesome to get lost in…..❤️🔥

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