Heb. 12:26,27 – The earth was rocked at the sound of his voice from the mountain, but now he has promised, “Once and for all I will not only shake the systems of the world,
but also the unseen powers in the heavenly realm!” Now this phrase “once and for all” clearly indicates the final removal of things that are shaking, that is, the old order, so only what is unshakeable will remain.

This passage has always been one that has been associated with the last days before the end of the age. At first glance we undoubtably think about the shaking of the earth itself
(earthquakes), trembling under the judgement of God. The other thought that this scripture arouses is the shaking of this world’s system. We have seen both of those happen this year. We have seen a record for tropical systems in 2020 and also the shaking of the political world. The very foundations that our country has been built on is being challenged and is shaking under the threats of systemic change. Is it possible and even likely that there is a third meaning to this passage? Is it possible that the Lord is predicting an unprecedented outpouring of His Spirit in the last days characterized by an explosion of signs and wonders? I believe that is exactly what this passage means. Here are some notes from the Passion Translation that describes this.

“Although earthquakes are prophesied to come the prophet is most likely using a metaphoric term for the world’s systems (finance, military, governments, religious, etc.). The message of the gospel has shaken the world’s foundations as it includes an unshakeable kingdom rising on the earth. Kings of the earth have placed their crowns down before the cross of a Man who was crucified as a common criminal. The power of the gospel is still shaking the world.”

Recently we have experienced a surge of healing and deliverance miracles at our church. We have seen several cancers healed with medical verification. We have also seen a miracle in someone’s circulatory system. They were scheduled and prepped for surgery and had it cancelled just before entering the operating room because “the operation was no longer necessary”. If we know anything about the Lord He will definitely show off His glory in the demonstration of signs and wonders before He returns. Once more He will shake the earth: I think I feel the shaking already underway.

3 Replies to “SHAKE THE EARTH”

  1. Lord, help shake away anything in me that is not of You! Thank You for Your healing touch on Your people as You pour out Your Spirit on us today.
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen💞.

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