Lk.1:55 - as he spoke to our fathers, to Abraham and to his offspring forever.

I was walking my dog and praying one morning recently; I was praying and asking the Lord about the season we are in. Everyone, even the unsaved, recognize the strangeness of what is going on in the world today. As I pondered these things my mind wandered to a service I was in many years ago. Sometimes I get the impression that a wandering mind is not always just wandering, sometimes it is actually the Lord impressing things on us, communicating with us about our prayers. I began to think about one of the preachers that impacted me in those early years. His preaching and vision effected me deeply and helped direct the course of my life. I saw this minister become frustrated and even give up over the years. I think the Lord brought this to my attention to say something to me. This man of God was in the middle of something powerful and special but did not recognize the significance of the hour because it did not meet the expectancy that was in his heart. His view of success was not what he was seeing and ultimately caused him to give up hope. Greatness, God’s greatness, was happening and he was not grabbing the significance of the moment. He missed the supernatural because he was looking for the spectacular.
That brings us back to today, our Covid 19, post election 2020 drama that we have been living in now for several months. Could it be that just beyond the veil of the natural world something incredibly significant is underway? When Jesus lost the crowds, His disciples abandoned Him, and His own country rejected Him it would have been easy to just give in and give up. What kept Him going in that crazy moment? He was seeing things by faith that others couldn’t quite see. He persevered because of the joy set before Him.
In Covid world it is easy to look at the empty churches because of government regulations and a climate of fear that has effected Christians from assembling together and become disillusioned. But maybe the Lord is not surprised by the outward circumstances but is actually using those circumstances to work on the hearts of those that actually belong to Him. Maybe there is something incredibly supernatural already at work in us and all around us in this unusual season. Be careful not to allow the longing for spectacular to steal the supernatural away from you. Something unprecedented is already at work, the kingdom of God is amongst us.

7 thoughts on “TODAY IS THE DAY”

  1. I know He’s been working on my heart! It’s been heavy, yet awesome all at the same time?
    Thank You, my Lord Jesus❣️❣️

  2. I agree! You can feel His preparation going on in us and our hearts . It’s as if He wants us to “stop and smell the roses” and Trust—Be still and listen. A whole new springtime season to birth His purposes and promises in us, His church —and in the present circumstances that we are in . It’s in His hands to use for His Kingdom purposes. And that in itself is a miracle, supernatural, and all too lovely!

  3. I’m sure people watching Paul write letters in jail thought he wasn’t doing anything spectacular but the supernatural fruit those letters have produced is incalculable this side of heaven!

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