Gen.6:8 – But one man found grace in the sight of Yahweh: Noah.

Jesus said that the end of this age would be just like it was in the days of Noah. People would be proceeding in life as normal; buying and selling, having weddings; in other words life would appear to be somewhat normal. The other implication about the days of Noah was that culture had deteriorated and sinful and immoral behavior had become accepting in the culture of the day. That is where we are in 2021- people are trying to get back to what they consider normal after the crazy 2020 year we had but I think our world overall is missing the point. Going back to life as normal without a change, a major change in lifestyle, will bring the world to the type of destruction Noah’s world experienced.
Today’s verse gives us the only way out of this tragic result, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Grace is offered to all of us, grace has to be received. The only way to overcome the snares of the world’s behavior is grace. Grace is not a cover for bad behavior, grace is the supernatural ability to change. Grace wipes out our past but it also changes our future way of living. Our nature is changed, our source of pleasure is changed which results in a different kind of life. Here is how the Passion Notes describe Noah and the grace of God.

“Noah found another age—the age of grace. He laid hold of grace and knew that God was merciful, even in an age of judgment and wickedness. It is possible to translate this sentence, “Noah laid hold of grace in the eyes of Yahweh.” It was not the virtue of Noah that saved him, but the grace of God. This is the first mention of grace in the Bible. Ezekiel described Noah as one of the godliest of men. No matter how evil the world may be around us, God has enough grace to purify our hearts and enable us to live godly lives for his glory.”

The grace of God opens our eyes to the need to change, washes away our past, gives us the ability to change, and fills us with joy as we embrace God’s new life. 2021 can be a different kind of year. It all starts when we too find grace in the eyes of the Lord.

4 Replies to “NOAH FOUND GRACE”

  1. Grace, is not receiving the due punishment of our sin, but because of our sin grace is extended to us! To me, it is God’s greatest gift! For by grace we are saved! Grace is an absolute expression of God’s love!

  2. May 2021 burst forth with God’s Grace ,Revival, and Awakening..May His Harvest be ripe of souls worldwide. It’s time to walk in His supernatural love for such a time as this. May many supernatural wonders of God be seen this year for His Glory. Amen

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