John 15:8 – By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.

I think it is important for us to see this verse in its proper context. This is the passage of scripture where Jesus is preparing His disciples for His departure and their ministry. It is after the foot washing and the Last Supper where He was teaching extensively about the Holy Spirit. This parable is the very heart of His message that night. They were to continue the Lord’s ministry. The whole point was for them to bear fruit. The fruit He was talking about were human lives. They were called, like all of us are, to bring forgiveness of sins and recovery to broken lives. Of course the solution to people’s hurt is the life of God, the Holy Spirit. In order for this life to touch the world it had to flow from the vine through the branches. That is what branches are for. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this.

“They often desire it (bearing fruit) very earnestly; they read and meditate and pray, and yet they fail, they wonder why? The reason is very simple: they do not know that fruit-bearing is the one thing they have been saved for. Just as entirely as Christ became the true Vine with the one object, you have been made a branch too, with the one object of bearing fruit for the salvation of men. Let us begin to think as God thinks. Let us accept Christ’s teaching and respond to it. The one object of my being a branch, the one mark of my being a true branch, the one condition of my abiding and growing strong, is that I bear the fruit of the heavenly Vine for dying men to eat and live. And the one thing of which I can have the most perfect assurance is that, with Christ as my Vine, and the Father as my Husbandman, I can indeed be a fruitful branch.”

This is the very heart of our Christian faith, the testimony of Jesus in us and flowing from us. I like to think of our world as clusters, like clusters of grapes. The Lord finds a person in one of these clusters and reveals Himself to them. His purpose was not just about them, it was about the whole cluster that they are part of. If you are reading this blog you are probably already a branch. What is the Lord saying to you today? It is time to bear fruit. Abide in Him, let His life flow into you and then through you to your world. This is how the Father is glorified.


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