John 15:7,8 – If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.

The word of God is inseparable from abiding in the Vine. Christ said He is the Vine, we also know He is the Word of God. Becoming saturated with the Word of God is the great key to abiding in Christ. This is the life of intimacy with God. His word transforms every part of us. It is more than knowing what to pray that is the key to answered prayer, it is Christ being formed in us through His word. His desires become our desires, His prayers are our prayers. It is impossible for the prayers of Jesus to go unanswered. As we spend time taking in the word of God we actually are taking in Christ. This is the true life of the branch, I am in Him and He is in me. I am now breathing in and breathing out the prayers of Jesus. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this verse.

“If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you–This He gives as the equivalent of the other expression: “I in you. If my words abide in you”–that is, not only in meditation, in memory, in love, in faith–all these words enter into your will, your being, and constitute your life–if they transform your character into their own likeness, and you become and are what they speak and mean–ask what ye will; it shall be done unto you. Your words to God in prayer will be the fruit of Christ and His words living in you. “Ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you–Believe in the truth of this promise. Set yourself to be an intercessor for men; a fruit-bearing intercessor, ever calling down more blessing. Such faith and prayer will help you wonderfully to abide wholly and unceasingly.”

This is the key to bearing much fruit. Fruit is what Jesus is after, this is what brings Him glory. Abiding in Christ begins to allow His love to form in us. He loves me and that is all I need. His words form His words in me, His words become my prayers. This is the life of true intercession, Christ’s love being released through my prayer. These prayers are guaranteed to be answered.

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