Matt.26:29 – “But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.”

This is one of those verses that many may gloss over and may not even remember that it is even there in the Bible. Just think about this for a moment; Jesus was drinking the wine with His disciples at the last meal He ate with them, the Passover meal. In this meal Jesus gave a glimpse into the fulfillment of Passover. This drink was His blood, the bread was His body. He was describing why He came and what His death was about. Jesus was introducing the new day, the kingdom of God here among us. Because of His death we could drink deeply of Him; we could drink with Him the new wine of the Spirit. Here are some thoughts from the Passion Notes.

“We are now in the realm of the kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit brings us into the body of Christ and into the reality of the kingdom of God. It is growing and increasing in scope, and every time believers drink of the cup of communion, Jesus is present with us. It is the Lord’s table, not ours. This was a prophecy of what would happen in just a matter of days from then, as believers would break bread together in remembrance of what Jesus did for them. Jesus now drinks it with us in a new way, and not just once a year at Passover, but every time we worship him by taking communion.”

This is not some random passage about drinking wine when Jesus returns. The Passover wine was just a shadow of the new wine of the Spirit that Jesus purchased for us. Today, Jesus is living at the Father’s right hand, consumed in the Holy Spirit. This Spirit flows out from Him to us here on earth. Whether you call this the River, the Fire of God, the Cloud of Glory, or the New Wine it really doesn’t matter. All of us can now come and drink, we can actually drink this new wine with Jesus. Rather than argue about whether Christians can drink alcoholic wine or not; why not drink what we know is available to us, the new wine of the Spirit. This is actually the very thing Jesus purchased at Calvary and prophesied about at the Last Supper, we can now drink the intoxicating wine of the Spirit. So I think I will just keep on drinking with Jesus in His new heavenly kingdom.


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