Acts 2:12,13 – And all were amazed and perplexed, saying to one another, “What does this mean?” But others mocking said, “They are filled with new wine.”

The outpouring of the Spirit rarely looks the way you think it will. I think often of a phone call I received in July of 1994 from Dick Mills. He called wanting to talk about revival. Then he asked me a question. I have to admit I thought it was an irrelevant question when he asked it. That changed suddenly about a month later. Before I get ahead of myself this is what Brother Mills asked me, “What do I think the next outpouring of the Spirit would look like?” I had never thought about that and I really had no idea of how to answer the question. When the Lord fell in our church that August my mind went back to the conversation with Dick. I was looking at people laughing uncontrollably, singing and dancing and shouting, and services that were crammed full of God’s glory. The thing that was most surprising was the intoxication. Folks were highly inebriated by the outpouring of the Spirit. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this passage.

“There has been seldom a revival of religion, a remarkable manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit, that has not given occasion for profane mockery and merriment. One characteristic of wicked men is to deride those things which are done to promote their own welfare. Hence the Savior himself was mocked; and the efforts of Christians to save others have been the subject of derision…These men are full of new wine. These men are drunk. In such times men will have some way of accounting for the effects of the gospel; and the way is commonly about as wise and rational as this. “To escape the absurdity of acknowledging their own ignorance, they adopted the theory that strong drink can teach languages.” — And thus men endeavor to trace revivals to ungoverned and heated passions; and they are regarded by many as the mere offspring of fanaticism. The friends of revivals should not be discouraged by this; but should remember that the very first revival of religion was by many supposed to be the effect of a drunken frolic.”

Why do people drink alcohol? Maybe to forget their troubles and to add happiness to their lives. Does it work? It may help temporarily at best, after that trouble, trouble, trouble. For us today the effects of spiritual intoxication are good. Drink His Spirit and you will be renewed, empowered, and made whole.


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