2 Cor.3:6 – who also made us adequate as servants of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

The point Paul was making is that our ministry is supernatural. The preaching of the word of God is far different than academic or motivational lectures. The preaching of the gospel has always been intended to be accompanied with the confirming power of signs and wonders. That was the case with Jesus, His original twelve disciples, the early church, and should be no different in the church today. The power of God is the confirmation of the legitimacy of a ministry. Matthew Henry describes the importance of signs and wonders.

“But, though Paul managed with this modesty and concern, yet he spoke with authority: In the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. He preached the truths of Christ in their native dress, with plainness of speech. He laid down the doctrine as the Spirit delivered it; and left the Spirit, by his external operation in signs and miracles, and his internal influences on the hearts of men, to demonstrate the truth of it, and procure its reception.”

Adam Clarke also emphasized the power of the Spirit but he points out the revealing quality of His word. There is a Spirit of revelation in the preaching of God’s word. Here is what Clarke said.

“But in demonstration of the Spirit. In the manifestation; or in the revelation of the Spirit. The doctrine that he preached was revealed by the Spirit: that it was a revelation of the Spirit, the holiness, purity, and usefulness of the doctrine rendered manifest: and the overthrow of idolatry, and the conversion of souls, by the power and energy of the preaching, were the demonstration that all was Divine. Not with the persuasive discourses, or doctrines of wisdom; i. e. of human philosophy.”

So what about today? Many have moved away from the dependence on God for supernatural preaching replacing it with academic jargon or slick contemporary, trendy preaching. Without the power of God all we have is human philosophy. The Old Testament prophets were acknowledged because of the prophetic power of their words. New Testament ministry needs the confirmation of the powers of God to effect the world. Thankfully, the conditions in our society are ramping up our hunger for a move of God. I believe something special is about to happen.


  1. It is a truth that the slightest dipping away of the glory in the preaching of His Word and bestow it upon oneself is as old as mankind. While we long to be more like Him, we must realize we are nothing without Him. The privilege of His Spirit living inside of our only temporary frames, should be incredibly humbling.

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