Ps.46:10 Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!

Every part of creation is speaking. It has spoken from the dawn of creation but can only be heard by those who have ears to hear. One of the most powerful experiences one can have in this creation is heard and seen in the solitude of God’s creation. In our fast paced, city centered world it is becoming harder to hear that voice hidden in creation. It is muted by the gadgets which hold our attention for much of our day. We hear the radio or sound system in our cars. Television spewing out news and worse cover up the voice that speaks. To “be still and know that He is God” has become more and more difficult. Forcing ourselves to go outside (without the earbuds) has become critical in order to listen intently to Him who speaks. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes creation and its beautiful declaration.

“The immense magnificence of the visible world, its inconceivable vastness, the incomprehensible height of the heavens, etc. is but a type of the infinite magnificence, height and glory of God’s work in the spiritual world: the most incomprehensible expression of his power, wisdom, holiness and love, in what is wrought and brought to pass in that world; and in the exceeding greatness of the moral and natural good, the light, knowledge, holiness and happiness which shall be communicated to it. And therefore to that magnificence of the world, height of heaven, those things are often compared in such expressions, “Thy mercy is great above the heavens, thy truth reacheth [unto the clouds]”; “Thou hast set thy glory above the heavens,” etc. . . .”

To just look at the ocean (or Lake Ponchartrain) and listen to the sounds is to listen to the Master’s voice. To see an eagle or osprey in flight is to glimpse His creativity and beauty. Watching a sunrise or a sunset humbles us as we see the master artist at work. Our lives are more cluttered than we realize, His creation is nearer than we think. Make it a habit to go for a walk. Go to City Park and check out the ducks, pelicans, and herons. God is speaking in His creation and He is nearer and more beautiful than you know.

3 thoughts on “GOD’S INVISIBLE BEAUTY”

  1. I suppose the farther away from original creation and immersed into modern technology, the more likely we are to look for satisfaction, even time consuming entertainment, which feeds our self centered existence. Who has time for anything else?

  2. Amen !!( this reminds me of the song of Mavericks new album the song “ Come and Behold him “).❤️


    Amen. I seem to get taken away from it all when I walk on the levee at Lake Ponchatrain. Reminders all around of Eternity ❣️??❣️

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