2 Tim.1:13 – Follow the pattern of the sound words that you have heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus.

This same language smells of Pentecost. Paul may not be talking of the prayer language here per se but is talking about unity in the Spirit in Christ’s body that reflects in our language. This corporate language and unity flows from a place of praise. We are all singing the same song, the song of redemption, which causes our very lives to come together in harmony. These sound words also flow out of a thankful heart. These sound words are healthy words. Having a heart full of thanksgiving to the Lord lifts us out of the despair of this life and joins us to the multitude of thankful people in His kingdom. Here is how Edwards describes the healthy words that characterize this kingdom community.

“They have the same language to God in prayer and praise: expressing the same humility and repentance in confessing their sins, expressing the same adoration and admiring sense of God’s glory and excellency, expressing the same humble submission and resignation, the same thankfulness, in like manner showing forth God’s praises, expressing the same faith and humble dependence on the mercy and all-sufficiency of God, expressing the same love and longing desires after God. The saints in all ages speak the same language, that [of] David and the saints of old, which we have an account of in the Word of God. The Spirit of God teaches the saints the same language in their prayers; their prayers are the breathings of the same Spirit.
So they have the same language one to another in things pertaining to God and Christ, and things of a spiritual nature. They in like manner use their tongues religiously, and to promote religion one in another. They express the same sense of spiritual things, savoring of the same experience. They have the same language in general to the rest of the world in instructing, counseling, reproving.”

There is a unique sound flowing out of the church in these dark days. It is a voice that is filled with joy, thanksgiving, and Christ Himself. He is our treasure, our portion and He is the subject of our songs and our testimony. The enemy tried to shut our voices and our praise over the last year, I don’t think that has worked – praise has become the language of the church in these unusual times.

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