Eph.1:5,6 – For it was always in his perfect plan to adopt us as his delightful children, through our union with Jesus, the Anointed One, so that his tremendous love that cascades over us would glorify his grace —for the same love he has for his Beloved One, Jesus, he has for us. And this unfolding plan brings him great pleasure!

I love to think about the joyful faces in the crowd of this happy entourage. And why not be happy, these had been brought from misery to life. There was Lazarus who had been four days in the tomb, he had become like the shadow of Jesus, inseparable from Christ. Then of course there was Mary of Bethany, still reeking of the perfume from her alabaster box. Also in this happy crowd was Bartimaeus, who had been blind and Zacheus the miserable tax collector, and the lame man from the Pool of Bethesda. They had become exhibit A, glorifying the grace of God. Here is how Albert Barnes describes this deliverance from misery.

“God chooses men to be holy, not sinful; to be happy, not miserable; to be pure, not impure; to be saved, not to be lost. For these things he should be praised. He should be praised that he has not left the whole race to wander away and die. Had he chosen but one to eternal life, that one should praise him, and all the holy universe should join in the praise. Should he now see it to be consistent to choose but one of the fallen spirits, and to make him pure, and to readmit him to heaven, that one spirit would have occasion for eternal thanks, and all heaven might join in his praises. How much more is praise due to him, when the number chosen is not one or a few, but when millions which no man can number, shall be found to be chosen to life.”

What a happy scene, singing and dancing in the streets of Jerusalem. There may have not been a display of joy like this in these streets since David’s famous dance. Of course, not everyone was happy, not everyone loves the dance of redemption. But that was okay with this happy band of disciples, they were no longer afraid of what other people thought. Their lives had taken on a new meaning, they were alive to glorify His grace.

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