Heb.12:24 – But you are come….to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaks better things than that of Abel.

The blood of Jesus is precious to the sons and daughters of God. Not just a theological belief in the attributes of the blood but the daily effect the blood of sprinkling has on us as we apply it to our lives by faith. The book of Hebrews is all about the precious blood of Jesus. In Hebrews we find that the blood cleanses our conscience. Any guilty stain from our past is washed away as we look to His blood. We also learn that we can come to the throne of grace and find help in every circumstance. We come to this throne by His blood. Hebrews also teaches us about a new and living way, a new way to live our lives by faith in the blood. It is through the blood of Jesus that we can come into His presence and live in His presence. Here is how Spurgeon describes this benefit.

“Oh! sweet language of the precious blood of Jesus! If you have come to that blood once, you will come to it constantly. Your life will be “Looking unto Jesus.” Your whole conduct will be epitomized in this—“To whom coming.” Not to whom I have come, but to whom I am always coming. If thou hast ever come to the blood of sprinkling, thou wilt feel thy need of coming to it every day. He who does not desire to wash in it every day, has never washed in it at all. The believer ever feels it to be his joy and privilege that there is still a fountain opened. Past experiences are doubtful food for Christians; a present coming to Christ alone can give us joy and comfort. This morning let us sprinkle our door-post fresh with blood, and then feast upon the Lamb, assured that the destroying angel must pass us by.”

So what are you in need of today? Do you have financial issues? He broke the curse of poverty and lack by His blood. Do yo have shame because of a secret sin? Bring it to the blood, there is grace available for you. Are you suffering with sickness? He carried our diseases at the cross, by His wounds we are healed. Apply the blood on your body by faith, healing will surely come.


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