Heb.7:25 – So he is able ·always to save [or to save completely/forever] those who come to God through him because he always lives, ·asking God to help [interceding for] them.

As you already know I can’t stop thinking about the hospital visit I had from the Lord a couple of weeks ago. As I was reflecting on the Lord proclaiming Psalm 46 over me I realized it was the man, Jesus Christ who was speaking. As I reflected on this moment I became more and more aware of the heavenly ministry of Jesus. He represents me as a man before the Father, He prays for me as the perfect man, and He ministers to me and brings me into the Father’s presence. His presence strengthens, corrects, heals, and encourages. If today’s verse is true, He is praying for me. He is always praying for me. If you dig into today’s verse you will see the impact of His prayers, we are saved (made complete) totally and eternally. Now that is good news. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this verse.

“Therefore He can save completely, that is, there need never be a moment in which the experience of His saving power is intermitted, in which the salvation He has wrought does not save. To confirm this, it is added, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them. Without ceasing there streams forth from Him to the Father the prayer of His love for every one and every need of those that belong to Him; His very person and presence is that prayer, so closely and so inseparably is He identified with those He calls His brethren. And without ceasing there streams forth to Him from the Father the answer of His good pleasure, and the power of the Holy Spirit, bearing that answer. And even so, without ceasing, there streams forth from Him to each member of His body the grace for the timely help. Because He ever liveth to make intercession, without one moment’s intermission, therefore He is able to save completely.”

Sometimes we feel we are all alone going through the crazy circumstances we all face on a daily basis- we never are alone. Jesus is always nearby, always working and praying on our behalf, orchestrating even the worst circumstances in life for our good. He is with you, He is for you, and He will complete His beautiful work which He began in you.

3 Replies to “JESUS PRAYS FOR ME”

  1. Hallelujah!! AMEN!!!!- This makes me think of Revelation 8v:3- But if ANYONE Loves God ,( with aww-filled reverence,obedience and gratitude, he is KNOWN by him ( as HIS very own and is greatly loved)❤️. And the song by Dante Bowe – The voice of God.❤️

  2. Sorry wrote the wrong verse .but I do love that one as well but wrote it incorrectly.. Revelations 8:3-4
    Another angel came and stood at the altar.Ge had a golden censer and much I INCENSE was given to him so that he might add it to the golden altar in the front of the throne .v:4 and the smoke and fragrant AROMA of the incense with the prayers of the Saints (God’s people)ascended before God from the angels hand.

  3. Sorry— first one was1 Corinthians 8v:3.. Have a blessed day!( Should have just written Amen!!☺️😬🙌

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