Ps.18:1,2 – NASB 2020 – “I love You, LORD, my strength.”
The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my savior,
My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Ps.18:1 – Passion – Lord, I passionately love you and I’m bonded to you,
for now you’ve become my power!

If you pay close attention to David in this Psalm you will discover the main key to the power of God in your life. Actually it’s right there in the very first verse. Can you see it? The power of God flows out of intimacy with God. This was David’s secret and the key to his greatness. His love for the Lord brought him near to God. Out of that nearness power flowed out. We see God’s power displayed in David when he defeated Goliath as a child, God’s power was on display when David defeated the Philistine armies, and God’s power was on display when David unified Israel and brought it to greatness.
We also see the intimacy of God on display in David’s Psalms , his love for God was expressed in his worship. This is a true picture of the power of God. Here is Spurgeon on this verse.

“With strong, hearty affection will I cling to thee; as a child to its parent, or a spouse to her husband. The word is intensely forcible, the love is of the deepest kind. “I will love heartily, with my inmost bowels.” Here is a fixed resolution to abide in the nearest and most intimate union with the Most High. Our triune God deserves the warmest love of all our hearts. Father, Son and Spirit have each a claim upon our love. The solemn purpose never to cease loving naturally springs from present fervor of affection. It is wrong to make rash resolutions, but this when made in the strength of God is most wise and fitting. “My strength.” Our God is the strength of our life, our graces, our works, our hopes, our conflicts, our victories.”

The irony of David being a warrior and a worshiper is a great thought for the church today. Worshippers are not weak, they are mighty through God and are used to destroy the strongholds of the devil. The Lord is pouring out His love on His people. His love is infectious and causes us to love Him. This brings us to the secret place of His power.


  1. With strong, hearty affection I will cling to thee… when I was little I used to sit on my daddy’s foot and wrap my arms and legs around his leg and he’d walk around the house… that’s how I want to be with Jesus.. just let me sit on your foot and cling tightly to your leg!! Knowing the love and power of Jesus….mighty to save will give us joy unspeakable! We stand in awe of You Lord! Who is this King of Glory?? Mountains melt like wax before our Lord!!

  2. We can only take hold of everything He desires us to possess, the only everlasting treasure, His nearness, when we quit looking to be satisfied with the created and give our full attention to I AM. What else is even worth possessing?

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