Jn.6;35 – Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; the one who comes to Me will not be hungry, and the one who believes in Me will never be thirsty.

Food is an interesting part of our lives. I recently had a bout with Covid that put me in the hospital for a week. During that week I totally lost my appetite, at least I did until Wednesday when I suddenly wanted to eat everything in sight. For several years now I have tried to eat healthy, and as a result have abstained from some foods that I used to love. When my appetite came roaring back all bets were off. I was going to eat whatever they brought me. Wouldn’t you know it some of my forbidden favorites happened to be on the menu. I had chocolate cake (twice), vanilla ice cream, key lime pie, fried chicken, hamburgers and even chicken Parmesan. I ate til I couldn’t eat anymore. Jesus uses the food analogy in this passage. A healthy spiritual appetite indicates we are on the right track. Here is Barclay describes this verse.

“First, what did Jesus mean when he said: ‘I am the bread of life’? It is not enough to regard this as simply a beautiful and poetical phrase. Let us analyze it step by step. (1) Bread sustains life. It is that without which life cannot go on. (2) But what is life? Clearly by life is meant something far more than mere physical existence. What is this new spiritual meaning of life? (3) Real life is the new relationship with God, that relationship of trust and obedience and love of which we have already thought. (4) That relationship is made possible only by Jesus Christ. Apart from him, no one can enter into it. (5) That is to say, without Jesus there may be existence, but not life. (6) Therefore, if Jesus is the essential of life, he may be described as the bread of life. The hunger of the human situation is ended when we know Christ and through him know God. The restless soul is at rest; the hungry heart is satisfied.”

Just like I had no appetite for food while I was sick, people who are spiritually sick have no appetite for the Bread of Life. This is the sure sign of true salvation-we develop an insatiable appetite for Christ and His word. Maybe your appetite is returning as you smell the gospel feast today. If you eat this bread you will never be hungry for the other.

2 thoughts on “NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN”

  1. And if you have sin in your life ,repent remove the rocks and the wells of life will spring forth INSTANTANEOUS!!!!!!

  2. Chris Thibeaux

    Good analogy-Christ is the essential food, I will never look at a slice of bread in the same way!

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