Ps.16:3 – And he said to me, “My holy lovers are wonderful, my majestic ones, my glorious ones, fulfilling all my desires.”

Faith and redemption are an amazing thing. Without Christ we are helpless and hopeless. With Him we can do all things and are considered to be one of His majestic ones. How is that even possible? How can someone who is weak and ineffective suddenly become one of His mighty ones? The answer is found in the mystery of the gospel; in Christ we put off the old and put on the new. We become one of His holy lovers; He sees us as majestic, wonderful, and glorious. We are different now because Christ has come to live in hearts and we can never go back to that feeble life again. Here is Spurgeon’s description of this verse.

“Poor believers are God’s receivers, and have a warrant from the Crown to receive the revenue of our offerings in the King’s name. Saints departed we cannot bless; even prayer for them is of no service; but while they are here we should practically prove our love to them, even as our Master did, for they are the excellent of the earth. Despite their infirmities, their Lord thinks highly of them, and reckons them to be as nobles among men. The title of “His Excellency” more properly belongs to the meanest saint than to the greatest governor. The true aristocracy are believers in Jesus. They are the only Right Honorables. Stars and garters are poor distinctions compared with the graces of the Spirit. He who knows them best says of them, “in whom is all my delight.”

So this is where our Christian faith excels, we who were nobodies have put on Christ and have been brought into this Royal Family. As Spurgeon said, “we are receivers”. Everything we have of value comes to us from Christ. We receive His righteousness, His power, His wisdom, and His holiness. We are recreated in His image and have become the object of His affection. Jesus loves you is no longer a cliche, it is the most radical truth you can imagine. So rather than trying to do or perform for His acceptance our job is to receive. So God is glorified by the beautiful work He has done in us. We are truly His glorious and majestic ones, His holy lovers who are alive because of His love for us.

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