Jn.21:1 – After this Jesus revealed himself again to the disciples by the Sea of Tiberias,

There was something unusual and different about Jesus after He was raised from the dead. If you remember, Mary thought He was the gardener. The disciples on the Road to Emmaus didn’t recognize Him, and here it says that Jesus actually revealed Himself to the disciples. The people that actually saw Jesus after the resurrection most likely saw a veiled Jesus; seeing Him in His glory would just be too overwhelming for them in their natural state. Paul saw Him on the road to Damascus and said He was brighter than the noon-day sun. He was also blinded by the light. John saw Him while he was in exile on the Isle of Patmos. John said His eyes were like lightning bolts. John was incapacitated and had to be helped by the Lord’s touch. Steven also saw Him when he was being stoned; what he saw was the last thing he saw in this natural state, and he was taken immediately into God’s glory in heaven. In His resurrection appearances before His ascension, apparently Jesus was cloaked. His full glory would be devastating to a natural human being.
Apparently Jesus wanted the disciples to know with certainty that He was alive and He had stepped into His glory. He wants us to know that today. Too many modern day believers are satisfied with a theological belief that He is alive. That alone is not sufficient. It is from the encounters with Christ in His glory, which is facilitated today by the Holy Spirit, that our lives are dramatically changed.
In today’s passage, we see Jesus appearing to His disciples for the third time after His resurrection. It says in this verse that Jesus revealed Himself to them. He gave them a glimpse into His supernatural glory. They needed an encounter with Him but like always, they were permitted to only to touch the edge of His ways.
What needs to be asked now is this; are there encounters like this available today? I say an emphatic yes. I have had several encounters with Christ in these last forty seven years. It is those visitations that gives me vision and empowerment for the work He has called me to accomplish. We can only give to others what we have tasted of Christ ourselves. Those disciples got more than fish for breakfast on that beach that morning. This encounter was with them the rest of their lives.


  1. I believe that is why Paul was able to go through all those trials he didn’t know Christ according to the flesh. Paul saw the glorified, resurrected, Christ and was sustained through it all. Paul’s gaze remained upward!

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