Eph.3:7,8 – I have been made a messenger of this wonderful news by the gift of grace that works through me. Even though I am the least significant of all his holy believers, this grace-gift was imparted when the manifestation of his power came upon me. Grace alone empowers me so that I can boldly preach this wonderful message to non-Jewish people, sharing with them the unfading, inexhaustible riches of Christ, which are beyond comprehension.

I think this title pretty much describes where I was in the summer of 1994 when God came down in my life. At that point, I felt pretty comfortable in my knowledge of God. I had pastored a charismatic/Pentecostal church for sixteen years and I felt like I really knew the Lord. That was all about to change shockingly and instantly. The Lord visited me that summer with an amazing unveiling of Himself in my life. My conclusion- my vision of God was way too small. He was a lot greater and more magnificent than I had ever realized. Here is how Dane Ortlund describes this dilemma and our need to be open for more of Him:

“Let me suggest that you consider the possibility that your current mental idea of Jesus is the tip of the iceberg. That there are wondrous depths to him, realities about him, still awaiting your discovery. I’m not disregarding the real discipleship already at play in your life and the true discoveries of the depths of Jesus Christ you have already made. But let me ask you to open yourself up to the possibility that one reason you see modest growth and ongoing sin in your life—if that is indeed the case—is that the Jesus you are following is a junior varsity Jesus, an unwittingly reduced Jesus, an unsurprising and predictable Jesus. I’m not assuming that’s the case. I’m just asking you to test yourself, with honesty.”

The point is this, the Lord is nearer and greater and better than any of us have dared to dream. It is the unveiling of His greatness that changes us and opens us up to a whole new world saturated by the supernatural power of God. Don’t sell yourself short; we are all on the verge of our greatest adventure. What is about to happen in our generation is simply unprecedented and indescribable.

2 thoughts on “IS YOUR GOD TOO SMALL?”

  1. Yes!! Pastor this is exactly it! For the past 3 years the Lord has been course-correcting (or fine tuning) not just my understanding of Him but my walk and relationship with Him. The wonder of who He is, the magnitude of what He has done and the function of who He is in me. I can type this description but it does not approach the ever expanding reality of Himself or my perception of what He has invited me into. All glory to God, Almighty!

  2. Love this insightful teaching. Who hasn’t settled on a smaller view. Perception is important and if we remain teachable our perception is in constant growth as it pertains to everything related to God. Is it even possible to make the statement that we know the Lord? Just to love Him and seek first his kingdom and righteousness, I’m told, puts a great smile on His face. Does it get any better than that?

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