Matt.28:18 – And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me.”

A revelation of the sovereignty of God connected to the authority given to Jesus as a man is absolutely breathtaking. Today’s verse had never really made complete sense to me until one day I finally saw it. Of course, the second person of the trinity has reigned as God from eternity before the days of creation. That is not what today’s verse is talking about. This verse describes Jesus given all authority as a man. That is a completely different situation. Christ rules the universe today as a resurrected man representing all humanity. He is absolutely sovereign, nothing escapes His attention or rule. Here is how Dane Ortlund describes this:

“He is not hoping to be in charge; he rules supremely now. The world’s sidelining of his authority does nothing to reflect the reality of that authority. From heaven’s perspective, everything is going according to plan. Jesus Christ is overseeing all that happens, both in the church and in world history at large. Our perception of and ability to see his rule may wax and wane; but that’s perception only. His actual rule holds steady—supreme, strong, exhaustive, all-seeing. No drug deal goes down apart from his awareness, no political scandal unfolds beyond the reach of his vision, no injustice can be exacted behind his back. When today’s world leaders gather together, they themselves are held in the hand of a risen Galilean carpenter. This supreme reign holds true not only for the cosmos and for world history but also for your own little life. He sees you. He knows you. Nothing is hid from his gaze. You will be judged one day not according to what was visible to others but according to what you really were and did.”

Seeing Jesus in this light is connected to His greatness. He is all encompassing and He has me in the center of His plans. He has protected and watched over me even before I was born. Jesus says He knows the number of hairs on my head. In other words, He has complete knowledge and oversight of my life. To make things even better, He loves me. Nothing can defeat me or God’s plans for my life because Jesus is for me and intercedes for me. His sovereignty is my victory.

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