Phil.3:10 – That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

This verse was written by Paul toward the end of His life from his imprisonment in Rome. This verse will leave you breathless if you take a good look at it. If anyone knew the Lord intimately it was Paul. His knowledge began with his shocking encounter on the Damascus Road and grew throughout his years of preaching and suffering for the name of Christ. I want to chew on this verse a little and think about exactly what Paul was saying. The definitions used here are from the New Testament Word Study Book, the word study for ‘To know’ is from Wuest.

The first word I want to think about is the word to know. This is the Greek word ginosko. The words “to know,” are again, “to know by experience.” Paul wants to come to know the Lord Jesus in that fulness of experimental knowledge which is only wrought by being like Him. Paul is obviously saying that even after all of his years of walking with Christ he needed to know the Lord more intimately. This was the passion of Paul’s life. Everything else flowed from this knowledge of the Lord.

The second phrase I want to point out is the Power of His resurrection – This speaks of miraculous power, “the mighty power of signs and wonders” it means the power of working miracles. Paul had seen miracles all throughout the last thirty or more years of his life. It started when he saw the resurrected Christ. He had tasted that power that day, he had seen resurrection power working in and through him all throughout his life. He knew that there was more. The Lord is infinite and all powerful. Paul himself had only touched the edge of His ways.

Next is the phrase fellowship of His sufferings – The word fellowship is koinonea and means to share in. Fellowship with, participation. Participation, communion, fellowship. Paul had suffered all throughout His ministry and had seen that in his suffering he had tasted more of Christ. Is it possible our words afflictions become the moment where we begin to know Him more powerfully? Apparently that is exactly what Paul is saying.

The last phrase is Conformable to His death -To conform means to fashion alike, be molded in the same likeness. Following Christ involves dying to this life and coming alive to supernatural life. This was Paul’s secret. In his weakness he became stronger in God’s grace.


  1. No doubt there is always so much more to learn, but that’s not at all discouraging. Sure we should be overcome with the enormity of what can become a never ending pursuit. Day after day, something new, something clearer and unlike any other obsession (and it’s very OK to call Him our obsession) He has already made provision for everything else we may need as we seek first His kingdom and righteousness. The course is set, let’s enjoy the journey.

  2. Yesss to the degree of suffering, and death to self we will experience the resurrection power and nearness of Christ. I want to know you Lord and the power of Your resurrection, being conformed to Your very image. ❤️❤️❤️

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