Ps.90:15 – Make us glad in proportion to the days You have afflicted us,
And the years we have suffered evil.

I have an unusual expectancy in my soul as we begin 2022. I would say that this is more than a hoping for better times, it has crossed over to a knowing. Now I am not saying that everything will be rosy or back to normal or even the way you wish it would be. What I am saying is the Lord has stored up something unusual for this season and it is about to break out as if a dam had been breached. Things that have never or have seldom been seen are about to overtake the world. How do I know this? The adversity of the last two years are calling out for a response. The Lord will answer, He always does. Here is how Spurgeon views today’s prophetic promise.

“None can gladden the heart as thou canst, O Lord, therefore as thou hast made us sad be pleased to make us glad. Fill the other scale. Proportion thy dispensations. Give us the lamb, since thou has sent us the bitter herbs. Make our days as long as our nights. The prayer is original, childlike, and full of meaning; it is moreover based upon a great principle in providential goodness, by which the Lord puts the good over against the evil in due measure. Great trial enables us to bear great joy, and may be regarded as the herald of extraordinary grace. God’s dealings are according to scale; small lives are small throughout; and great histories are great both in sorrow and happiness. Where there are high hills there are also deep valleys. As God provides the sea for leviathan, so does he find a pool for the minnow; in the sea all things are in fit proportion for the mighty monster, while in the little brook all things befit the tiny fish. If we have fierce afflictions we may look for overflowing delights, and our faith may boldly ask for them.”

I love what Spurgeon said, “great trials…may be regarded as the herald of extraordinary grace”. If you didn’t quite understand that let me say it even more plainly, great trials and attacks are announcements of coming favor and blessing. Just as we are sure the sun will rise again tomorrow we know the Lord will respond to 2020 and 2021. The church has been scorned and ignored, the Lord will not remain silent.


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