Ps.65:11 – You have crowned the year with Your goodness,
And Your paths drip with fatness.

I think we are really, really ripe for a blessed year. I cannot remember a more nasty stretch of time than 2020 and 2021. I thought we were all done with all the drama after 2020 but apparently not. I do have some very good news about that though. Apparently there is a spiritual law that is set into motion after the downswing of adversity. You know the drill, what goes down must come up (or something like that). What I am getting at is this. For God’s children there will be a proportional double blessing in response to the last two years. The blessing of God is about to explode on His people. Here is how Spurgeon describes a season of the blessing of God.

“The harvest is the plainest display of the divine bounty, and the crown of the year. The Lord himself conducts the coronation, and sets the golden coronal upon the brow of the year. Or we may understand the expression to mean that God’s love encircles the year as with a crown; each month has its gems, each day its pearl. Unceasing kindness girdles all time with a belt of love. The providence of God in its visitations makes a complete circuit, and surrounds the year. And thy paths drop fatness. The footsteps of God, when he visits the land with rain, create fertility. It was said of the Tartar hordes, that grass grew no more where their horses’ feet had trodden; so, on the contrary, it may be said that the march of Jehovah, the Fertilizer, may be traced by the abundance which he creates. For spiritual harvests we must look to him, for he alone can give “times of refreshing” and feasts of Pentecost.”

Everywhere the Lord walks breaks out in blessing and harvest. All of the valleys we have walked through the last two years many of us have chosen to walk with Him. Tough times cause one of two things to happen, walk away from God or draw near. If you have chosen to draw near the windows of heaven are about to open over your life. Blessing, abundant blessing, unprecedented blessing will visit His church, it has to. So I feel a joyful anticipation in my belly for 2022. I have seen some incredible blessing over the years but I have a feeling I haven’t seen anything yet.

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