Eph.6:10 – TPT – Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you.

This word from Paul is more than an admonition such as “buck up”, but is actually a word that carries power within itself. Paul is speaking a word to the hearer, “receive the power of God”. Paul is describing the war that we are thrown into as Christians and boldly says that we are equipped and should stay equipped with supernatural power. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this passage.

“Be strong in the Lord. You must have strength, and strength of a spiritual kind, and such strength too as the Lord himself can furnish; and you must have this strength through an indwelling God, the power of his might working in you.”

Clarke makes two very important points in his short statement. First, this power is not natural or human but it is by nature supernatural or spiritual. Secondly, he says that this power is working on the inside of us. This is the anointing that must be received, it then becomes the power of God working in and through us. Here is how Wuest sees it.

“Be strong” is endunamoō, “to make strong, to endue with strength.” The idea is, “to clothe one’s self with strength as one puts on a garment.” Here the verb is in the passive voice, “be continually strengthened.” The qualifying phrase, “in the Lord,” defines the strengthening as Christian strengthening, such as can take effect only in union with the Lord (Expositors). The rendering, “be strong,” could encourage one to self-effort at being strong, whereas the translation “be strengthened,” causes the saint to depend on the Lord for the supply of that strength.”

Again, two statements are seen in Wuest’s comments. First, we put this power on like a garment. We are literally clothed with power from on high just like Jesus promised. Secondly, this is not a one time experience. We are literally infused with power on a continual basis. We stand in need of constant renewal by the power of the Holy Spirit. So this is our only way we can defeat the forces raging against us in this life, we must be endued with the very power of God.

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