Matt:3:13-15 – “Then Jesus left Galilee to come to the Jordan to be baptized by John. But when he waded into the water, John resisted him, saying, ‘Why are you doing this? I’m the one who needs to be baptized by you, and yet you come to be baptized by me?'”

Jesus replied, “It is only right to do all that God requires.” Then John baptized Jesus.

People criticize all sorts of things. I have been singled out for my stance on speaking in tongues, tithing, women preachers, talking too much about the Holy Spirit, and worshipping too long in our services. One of the common criticisms is the prayer lines that we have in our church services. We lay hands on people to receive an impartation of the Spirit. Recently, when I was reflecting on Jesus being baptized in water, it hit me. Jesus actually got in a prayer line. Can you believe it? The Son of God, the Creator Himself got in John the Baptist’s prayer line. You may not believe me but think for a moment. All of Israel stopped and came, day after day, to hear the strange prophet John preach his message of repentance. They waited in line by the thousands to have the hands of John placed upon them and then to be immersed into water. Jesus Himself got in the line with the multitudes. John placed his hands on Jesus and immersed Him into water; the heavens opened and Jesus was baptized with the Holy Spirit. From that moment Jesus began to move in the power of the Spirit. Everywhere Jesus went demons came out, the blind would see, and the lame would leap for joy.

Why would Jesus feel compelled to get in John’s prayer line? John himself said that Jesus was greater than him. The answer is simple but very important. Jesus saw the hand of God on the prophet John. This was the work of God and Jesus, in His humility as a man, wanted to submit to the ministry of John. Humility is connected to anointing. Jesus recognized that it was critical to submit to John’s ministry. This humility would open the door to unprecedented power being released through Jesus of Nazareth.

This brings us back to prayer lines today. The anointing that I am operating in today came upon me when I got in a man of God’s prayer line. Something real came upon my life and almost thirty years later that power is still flowing through my life.

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