Neh.9:19,20 – “You, in Your great compassion,
Did not forsake them in the wilderness;
The pillar of cloud did not leave them by day,
To guide them on their way,
Nor the pillar of fire by night, to light for them the way in which they were to go.
You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them,
Your manna You did not withhold from their mouth,
And You gave them water for their thirst.”

The Bible is filled with vivid images and pictures that apply to our day to day life. One of those striking images is the journey of the children of Israel through the wilderness in their exodus to the land promised to their forefather Abraham. This wilderness journey pictures all of us in our journey through life, which is really a howling wilderness filled with trouble and temptation. Another picture within this picture was the cloud of glory. There was a visible cloud by day with a pillar of fire in it visible at night. This cloud was a constant reminder of the supernatural nature of their trip. In the same way, we are traveling through a barren wilderness characterized by a godless, even anti-God society. With those that have eyes to see there is also an invisible cloud with us. You may not see it with natural eyes, but for those with eyes wide open, it is a glory cloud filled with the fire of God. Here is how Marsh describes this verse from Nehemiah that speaks of this cloud.

“Even so now the Spirit leads us, feeds us by the Word, gives us to drink of the riches in glory by Christ, instructs us in the way we should go, protects us by the word of His power, preserves us by His indwelling presence, and sustains us by His strength. As the trees and plants are nourished and sustained by the moisture they get from the dew and rain, so is the new life sustained by the indwelling presence of the Spirit.”

I love the promises of God fulfilled by the Spirit found in today’s verse. He leads us, feeds us, gives us living water, teaches us, protects us, keeps us, and nourishes and sustains us. The Holy Spirit is available for us today. He fills us within with strength and courage. He comes upon us like a blanket for comfort and friendship. He is with us at every moment. Look to him today, you may be surprised at how readily available He is and how He comes on the scene when you call.


  1. and said, “Adonai, God of Isra’el, there is no God like you in heaven above or on earth below. You keep covenant with your servants and show them grace, provided they live in your presence with all their heart.” 1 King 8:23 CJB

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