Ps.110:3 – “Your people will volunteer freely on the day of Your power;
In holy splendor, from the womb of the dawn,
Your youth are to You as the dew.”

I love to see young people set on fire for God. There is not anything like youthful passion harnessed by the holiness and beauty of the Holy Spirit. Some of my fondest memories are of the early days of the Jesus movement. I saw many youth literally forsake all and follow Christ. There was living with all things in common, preaching Christ with passion on the streets, church planting, sending out missionaries; it was like a fast paced video happening everywhere at once. Was it perfect? Absolutely not; everywhere humans are involved things can get a little messy. Give me the messy with the fire and I am happy. Here is how Spurgeon describes this amazing verse.

“In consequence of the sending forth of the rod of strength, namely, the power of the gospel, out of Zion, converts will come forward in great numbers to enlist under the banner of the Priest King. Given to him of old, they are his people, and when his power is revealed, these hasten with cheerfulness to own his sway, appearing at the gospel call as it were spontaneously, even as the dew comes forth in the morning. This metaphor is further enlarged upon, for as the dew has a sparkling beauty, so these willing armies of converts have a holy excellence and charm about them; and as the dew is the lively emblem of freshness, so are these converts full of vivacity and youthful vigor, and the church is refreshed by them and made to flourish exceedingly. Let but the gospel be preached with divine unction, and the chosen of the Lord respond to it like troops in the day of the mustering of armies; they come arrayed by grace in shining uniforms of holiness, and for number, freshness, beauty, and purity, they are as the dewdrops which come mysteriously from the barren womb.”

Historically, young people are in the middle of fresh awakenings. George Whitefield was in his early twenties when he began to preach in the American colonies. Evan Roberts was also in this early twenties while leading a band of teens in the great Welch Revival. Of course in my generation there was the Jesus Movement, the Lord actually used hippies to rock the world. So don’t be surprised at this new day that is falling on us, I think I smell the unmistakeable fragrance of a fresh morning drenched with His dew.

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  1. Revelation messages and corrections, not one church exempt, so with humility and reverence we choose to take hold, adhere to, and follow His lead. God defined relevance, everything else is the waste of a second life.

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