Hab.3:3,4 – God comes from Teman,

And the Holy One from Mount Paran. Selah

His splendor covers the heavens,

And the earth is full of His praise.

His radiance is like the sunlight;

He has rays flashing from His hand,

And the hiding of His might is there.

This passage is speaking particularly of the glory of God that was associated with Moses on Mount Sinai and the glory of the Lord that led the children of Israel from Egypt to the promised land. This emerging Jewish nation was set apart by one thing, God was in their midst. This was more than believing God was there, there was a visible cloud, a pillar of fire, and flashes of lightning from the cloud. This was the distinction of Israel, the glory of God was leading them. This glory was evidence that God was there, it was also a picture of revelation light that proceeds from the Lord. Moses would have to literally wear a veil over his face to block the radiant glory that would shine from him after being in the Lord’s presence. This light was a picture of revelation. Paul said that the veil is taken away when we look to Christ. Today we look at Him in His unveiled glory. His radiant light is in us and shining into the darkness of this world through us. Here is how Adam Clarke described this passage.

The earth was full of his praise. All the land was astonished at the magnificence of his works in behalf of his people. Instead of praise, some translate splendor. The whole land was illuminated by his glory…..His hand-his power-was manifested in a particular place, by the sudden issuing out of pencils of rays, which diverged in coruscations of light, so as to illuminate the whole hemisphere. Yet “there was the hiding of his power.” His Majesty could not be seen, nor any kind of image, because of the insufferable splendor. This may either refer to the lightnings on Mount Sinai or to the brightness which occasionally proceeded from the shechinah or glory of God between the cherubim, over the mercy-seat.”

Praise is always associated with unveiled glory. When you become aware of the Glory of the Lord worship is our only recourse. Today His glory is penetrating the darkness in the nations of the world. The praise is deepening and the glory is spreading. His radiance is like the sunlight and His rays are flashing from His hands.

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